At about this time last year Amy and I realised we had quite a few board games between us. Our love for a good board game had created an insatiable appetite for more and we needed some way to make sure we carried on playing the games we’d bought before the most recent purchases. We therefore created the “January Truce”. From the 1st of January 2013 we agreed we would not buy another board game that year until we had played all the board games we owned. We also agreed to keep score and the winner could choose the first game we bought.

The general rules of the truce are that each game must be played once, and then once again for any expansion packs. The game must be completed to the point of there being a clear winner. Games can be played with others as long as we are both also playing. If a game is to be sold or traded then it is not part of the truce but must be sold or traded before the truce can be completed.

Last year I lost, something in the region of 14 games to 9 (our collection was a little smaller last year) – this year the collection is a lot bigger and we’re going to write blog posts about the various games and the scores as we rally through all the games we have. The recent additions of the kickstarter-funded Cornish Smuggler and the Robots expansion pack for Power Grid will get their first truce outing. 

If anyone else does a similar thing we’d love to hear from you.

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