I’m sat in Heathrow Terminal 3, waiting for my flight to Cairo. In the Business Lounge I’m in there sits a row of eight Apple Mac’s. 22″ models (Hang on, just checking into Foursquare!). Imagine my utter despair when I found that they’ve all had Windows XP installed on them!┬áSomeone actually made that decision to install XP onto an Apple Mac.

If we rewind the clock just a little bit to this morning, when I was going through the various bits of information I have on paper for this trip, I thought it would be nice to have something in which I could just setup my flight details and quickly check the scheduled time, gates etc. Initially I wondered which device – iPad or Windows Mobile. The iPad is a difficult device to pull out of your pocket when you want to check details, so the phone it was. Off to the Windows Phone Marketplace and a quick search turned me towards an app called FlightTrack.

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Before the blog starts to whitter on about new tech, new application purchases, features and functionality found and how use of tech has helped or hindered me it’s probably useful to get a baseline written of what tech I currently have and what I use day to day.

First off, desktop computers.

  • At home it’s a 27″ Apple Mac.
  • At work, a Dell Optiplex running Windows 7

The Mac also runs Parallels, which through the use of a Watchguard VPN allows me to connect Outlook to my work mailbox. My own personal mail is collected in Mail on the Mac. At work I’m a Development Director for a software company so most of my time is spent in Visual Studio 2010 and now 2012, Outlook and YouTrack, our bug tracking/ticket software from JetBrains.

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