I’m sat in Heathrow Terminal 3, waiting for my flight to Cairo. In the Business Lounge I’m in there sits a row of eight Apple Mac’s. 22″ models (Hang on, just checking into Foursquare!). Imagine my utter despair when I found that they’ve all had Windows XP installed on them!┬áSomeone actually made that decision to install XP onto an Apple Mac.

If we rewind the clock just a little bit to this morning, when I was going through the various bits of information I have on paper for this trip, I thought it would be nice to have something in which I could just setup my flight details and quickly check the scheduled time, gates etc. Initially I wondered which device – iPad or Windows Mobile. The iPad is a difficult device to pull out of your pocket when you want to check details, so the phone it was. Off to the Windows Phone Marketplace and a quick search turned me towards an app called FlightTrack.

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