DixitTableTop has an awful lot to answer for. The web-show, available at GeekAndSundry.com has recently made me something of a board game geek. In Episode 12 of TableTop the host Wil Wheaton is joined by Leo Chu, Casey McKinnon and Beth Riesgraf and together they play a game I had never heard of, called Dixit.

Dixit is a fantastic and fun game which tonight I was able to play with Amy and three great friends. The game features a great set of beautifully illustrated cards, each of which can tell a story.

During the game you each take it in turns to be a “Storyteller” – from the six picture cards you hold you choose one and link a proverb, a book, movie or song title, or a reference to something to it. The other players then pick a card from their six which they think other people may think is the card you were holding. You can mix up the chosen cards and other players then “vote” on which card was the storyteller’s card. Whoever got it right gets to move their counter round the board.

You can grab Dixitfrom your local stockist or online via many retailers. We prefer Eclectic Games in Reading. You can read more about Dixit on BoardGameGeek.com