320_albumAnyone who’s followed me on-line for a while will know that I am a co-host and co-founder of a podcast/radio-show focusing on video games, memorably called The Games Cast. Recently we celebrated our 50th episode which, considering it’s our third attempt at a podcast series with longevity, is quite an achievement.

When I say “Our” what I actually mean is myself and my two close friends, Paul Sunter and Duncan Simpson. Together we were responsible for the thirteen “rare” episodes of the Vagusnet podcast. Things went awry and a few years later we came back with season one of The Games Cast.

The first season of TGC was a pre-recorded monthly affair and it took at least two nights to record then a further four nights to edit together. We used skype to talk together but we all recorded our own mic feeds, uploaded the audio to a server and I put it all together using Garageband on the Mac. We even had sponsorship from Samson UK and Korg UK for the audio equipment. Whilst the production values were quite high the effort and time required was becoming difficult to manage and after about thirteen episodes we stopped.

Every Friday night at 9pm UK time we get together for an hour’s discussion and banter on the weeks’ news from the video games industry. Join us at www.thegamescast.com

A little while later we discovered Spreaker through a couple of friends who had started putting together the Monday Movie Show. We signed up for an account, had a play, put out a trailer, and as they say “the rest is history”. Recently we added a whole YouTube series of videos to the brand and we’re also developing a number of mobile device apps to complement the show. During each live show we have a show chatroom on the website which people take part in and the show ends up having a huge level of interaction with the chatroom participants.

The Games Cast is now the number 1 radio show on the Spreaker network for video games and long may it continue.Here’s to another 50 shows!

Website: www.thegamescast.com
Twitter: @thegamescast.com
Spreaker website: www.spreaker.com/user/thegamescast
YouTube website: youtube.thegamescast.com

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